Deemed To Be Undermining CEO of MAMAMOO's Agency, Yang Hyun Suk Reaped Netizens' Criticism
Yang Hyun Suk has been criticized by netizens after deferring CEO of MAMAMOO's girl group agency. In the latest episode of 'MIXNINE', Yang Hyun Suk visited the RBW agency, home of the popular girl group MAMAMOO.

But apparently the boss of the RBW agency had previously worked at YG Entertainment. It's the same with Brave Brother from the agency Brave Entertainment, who has ever work for the Big Bang agency.

While visiting the agency, Yang Hyun Suk commented, "It's no exaggeration to say that the CEO of MAMAMOO's agency was raised by YG."

Hearing what he said, many Korean netizens are unhappy and think that Yang Hyun Suk has patronized the CEO. Like netizen comments on Nate's site,

"But he is now CEO of another agency, what's the point of saying something like, 'I'm the one who got you this way.'  He himself was not a nobody but a Seo Taiji background dancer, see how he talks,"

"In  previous episode he also treated Brave Brother like this, and now he's back to doing it. Even kicked the Brave Brother car and said that he was not worth driving like that, "

"Did Yang Hyun Suk realize he could not possibly be like now if he had never met Seo Taiji before?"

"Now I understand why Brave Brother, Kim Do Hoon and other producers left YG and set up their own agency," another comment. (

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