Netizen Said F(x)'s Amber Has Not Got Breasts, Here's Amber's Response
F(x)'s Amber responds to comments from the hater through her latest Youtube video. It is not secret that this f(x)'s member has a personal Youtube channel.

Through her latest video titled 'Where's My Breast?' He answered the hater's comments with sarcasmic responses. Started when he read a comment, "Geez, Amber where your breasts?" 

She and her friend Bryce tried to find her breasts anywhere. While searching for her breasts, she responds to some hater comments.

There is a hater who calls her a failing idol who is now a Youtuber, some call her a man who entered in girl group, and many more other negative comments.

You can see Amber's hilarious response while reading those comments in the following video! (

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