BtoB Confess That They Amazed With the Success of Wanna One and BTS
BtoB expressed their admiration to the two junior groups, Wanna One and Bangtan Boys. Ahead of the comeback with the second full album 'Brother Act.', BtoB members held a showcase show.

In the event Minhyuk said, "We always feel amazed every time we see a group like Wanna One and Bangtan Boys that can amaze the world. Seeing them succeed in areas we do not know, we support them. "

The idol continued, "We also want to be able to master many types of music. If we talk about BtoB music, it should be related to every aspect that everyone has. If there is a chance, we want to show our new side. "

Ilhoon adds, "BtoB has its own color. If another group has a big brand and has an exception, BtoB's dream is to become a brand like UNIQLO that can be accepted by every age. We want to share our music for people of all ages, " (

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