This is the proof GFriend Is a Tough Girlband !
GFriend is a very tough girlband. This is evidenced by some GFriend performance who always have difficulty on stage, but still perform until finished. GFriend seems to be a very sticking girlband on the term "show must go on"

Some of the events below, proving that Sowon and his friends are performers who will give the best power to the audience. And the events below are also a proof that GFriend is a girlband that is the responsibility!

Slip on stage

In the video above, we can see many times GFriend member slipped very hard. Yuju does not even count how many times she fell because the stage is slippery. But look at all the GFriend members, everything still performs strongly until the song is over.

Video tragedy of the fall of GFriend member above could viral in Youtube world. And because they still look professional despite falling many times, netizens so praise GFriend hard work. And in a way, that's what makes GFriend so well known now. Awesome!

Perform under rain

At that time GFriend was performing on a stage in a large field. At that time, the stage was not equipped with a roof and the rain just fell down. And regardless of the rain, GFriend still perform until finished. Fortunately the rain was not a rainstorm.

SinB once fell on stage

One of GFriend's members, SinB, once fell and appeared almost fainted on stage. It seems that she was not fit at the time but forced to remain a gig. Despite being in trouble, SinB is seen to widen the smile to the audience and try to cover up the pain.

Yerin continued to perform, and was diagnosed with an appendix

At that time GFriend was performing in SBS Daejun Super Concert. And one member of GFriend namely Yerin, looks very painful in the stomach. But cool, Yerin still try to equate dance movements and still smile to the audience.

After that appearance, on September 24, 2017, Yerin was diagnosed with appendicitis. Because of that, Yerin must be absent a few weeks from his activities with GFriend. (

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