Comeback with HIGHLIGHT, It's BtoB Member's Said
BtoB members talked about their comeback schedule that coincided with a former senior agency, HIGHLIGHT. On Monday (16/10) BtoB held a comeback showcase before releasing the album 'Brother Act.' At 6 pm. 

On the same day, HIGHLIGHT will also release their new album. As fans know, HIGHLIGHT previously debuted under the name BEAST under Cube Entertainment, the same agency as BtoB.
Asked about HIGHLIGHT, Minhyuk replied, "We really like HIGHLIGHT. They are the seniors we respect since we were trainees. An honor can do promotion at the same time with them. It makes us feel happy as a singer who can provide music listeners from both groups with different genres. "
'Brother Act.' Is the second full album ever released by BtoB since its debut in the music industry. Through this album BtoB will be promoting with the main song titled 'Missing You'. (

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