Celebrate 1000 Days of Debut, GFRIEND Roads to Europe
GFRIEND are on holiday to Europe to celebrate 1000 days since their debut in music industry.mGFRIEND is known to debut the first time on January 15th 2015, and on October 11th 2017 they have reached the age of 1000 days.

On Monday (16/10) GFRIEND's agency representative preached, "GFRIEND will launch the K STAR variety show program named 'The Friends in the Adriatic Sea' to celebrate 1000 days since their debut as a group. They will travel in Italy and Slovenia. "

Through the agency of GFRIEND members also said, "Holiday to Italy will be a good opportunity for us to get closer to each other to a different level and back to the beginning. 

It will be different from our everyday conversations and holidays usually. "

GFRIEND will travel to the two countries on October 29. The new program will air on December 6th. (www.onkpop.com)

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