Three Members of Topp Dogg It Officially Leave The Group
Hunus Entertainment's group boy is now only five members left after Hansol, P-Goon and Nakta choose their own career path. The agency also confirmed it on September 29. 

Hunus Entertainment explains that Hansol has shown his attitude that he no longer wants to be in the group and leave the dormitory and preparing for military service.

Leader Topp Dogg, P-Goon has also been preparing for the wamil and will focus on his post-upcoming acting world and for Nakta, "we appreciate his desire for solo promotion as an electronics player, and his exclusive contract has been canceled," Hunus Entertainment said.

Meanwhile, for the remaining members at Topp Dogg, Sangdo, Xero, B-Joo, Yano and Hojoon will follow 'The Unit' on October 28th, while A-Tom or Kim Sang Gyun is currently doing promotion with JBJ.

Hopefully these three former members of this boy group can pursue their respective dreams. (

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