Heechul Super Junior confessed More love of 'Idol School' Member than Junior at SM Entertainment
Super Junior's Heechul talks about the prospective girl group members of the Idol School's survival program. Heechul is the homeroom teacher of the students in the program 'Idol School', a school-themed survival idol program.

In a press conference for the last episode, Heechul said, "The participants of 'Idol School' are very different from junior in my agency. I met them as teachers, so I have more affection for them. They are also more special to me than juniors at SM Entertainment. "

After spending three months on this survival program, the Super Junior member said, "Their potential is limitless. There could be a second Suzy that will debut. My celebrity friends and other girl group members are also very interested in the students of 'Idol School'. "

Previously there is also a newspaper that mentions the agency boss Pledis Entertainment who will be the producer of girl group besutan program 'Idol School' is. (www.onkpop.com)

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