The new BTS DNA Music Video now achieves 31 Million Views
Now it had been more than 24 hours of Bangtan Boys aka BTS DNA music video has been watched in 31 million times. As fans know, the music video "DNA" was released on September 18 at 6 pm South Korean time.

Counting at 2.50pm South Korean time, the music video 'DNA' has been watched 20 million times in 21 hours. That number broke the Black Pink record that managed to reach 20 million views within 47 hours for the music video 'As If It's Your Last'.

Previously 'DNA' also managed to break the new record as the K-Pop music video the fastest reach 10 million views. When this article realised, the MV had been watched in 31.961.079. Its really interesting how much the views in one month, start from now.

Watch the MV here :
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