Onew SHINee and Rocoberry show Soft Vocals in MV 'Lullaby' For 'STATION'
SM Entertainment's 'STATION' project of the 2nd season again released a new song titled 'Lullaby' sung by Onew SHINee in collaboration with Rocoberry.

'Lullaby' became the 6th song released by 'STATION' this year. The song is actually a remake of songs from Rocoberry.

But arranged into a ballad song combined with soft vocals from Onew and Rocoberry. In his music video, Onew is seen doing the same things as Rocoberry like listening to music.

Both of these idols look so harmonious starred in the music video for their collaboration song. Like what? Immediately peek music video music 'Lullaby' from Onew SHINee and Rocoberry 'below!
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