MV TWICE gets Much Dislike, Korean Netizen Blames Indonesian and Thai KPOP fans
Korean netizens uncovered the reason behind the many dislike on the TWICE music video. Recently a netizen on the Pann site collected five K-Pop music videos that got a lot of dislike.

It turns out that all five of them are coming from TWICE's music video, entitled 'Like OOH-AHH', 'Cheer Up', 'TT', 'Knock Knock' and 'Signal'.

In response to this, many Korean netizens who think that dislike comes from K-Pop fans in Southeast Asian countries, including Indonesia of course. Netizens also accused Black Pink fans, especially fans from Thailand.

Like their comments below,
"The thing that makes me annoyed all this dislike comes from Black Pink fans in Southeast Asia. I do not lie, dislike that it comes from Black Pink fans in Southeast Asian countries, "
"It was the hard work of Black Pink fans in Southeast Asia and also the jealous TWICE antis"
"I am a BLINK. It was also very disappointing for us, because we also could not do anything and we felt guilty. I hope at least fans in Korea can get along well, "
"Very confident if fans throughout Southeast Asia are trying to give dislike,"
"It's really frustrating because this problem is made by Southeast Asian fans, but we are BLINK in Korea who have to apologize. They've gone too far. We are also very annoyed with them. ONCE, we're sorry, "
"They are a group of haters named Thrice, who turned out to be Lisa fans from Indonesia and Thailand. They are really compact if they commit a crime like this. Previously they also attacked the BigHit website and made hate comments on Instagram TWICE, "

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