Here Are Some Korean Artists Who Can See Ghosts
Korean artists do not always see the beam notes. They also do not always look into the camera that panned them. Apparently, there are also Korean artists who can see the ghost. What ghost is it?

Well, these kpop artists have told their experience of seeing ghosts. Either they are indigo or not, but obviously this horror experience they ever experienced themselves.

1. Lee Ji Hoon
It was midnight and Ji Hoon was in charge of keeping the armory room. At that time Ji Hoon is in the service period of the conscription. While on duty in a sizable room, Ji Hoon, who is alone, sees a lump of hair lying on the floor. 
Here Are Some Korean Artists Who Can See Ghosts
Once approached, it turns out it is a piece of human head that is not eyed and not nosed. There is only a mouth wide open and full of wounds. When the incident, Ji Hoon immediately fainted and realized when he was taken to the clinic by the theme of his camp friends.

2. Henry Super Junior
Henry is actually a person who does not believe in the existence of ghosts. But there was one incident that made him believe. Anyway at that time Henry was sleeping and then suddenly in front of him there was a cloud of smoke that resembled a terrible figure. 
Here Are Some Korean Artists Who Can See Ghosts
Like there is a big creature behind the smoke. Unfortunately, Henry always experienced this within three nights. Henry finally told Kyuhyun about this incident. 
Henry said, "Kyuhyun, I recently like to see the frightening smoke,"
Then Kyuhyun replied, "The creature has long been there,"

3. Taemin SHINee
This terrible event Taemin experienced when he was a trainee. At that time Taemin stayed up in the training room to train himself. Suddenly, at the end of the hall, at another practice site, Taemin heard the sound of music playing. Though then Taemin sure he was alone.
Here Are Some Korean Artists Who Can See Ghosts
Out of curiosity, Taemin was slowly heading to the room. But before it gets to the scary room, Taemin instantly creeps and fears. Finally Taemin ran away, but suddenly the sound in the room grew louder as someone got angry while piano-pressing forcibly. 

4. Sojin Girls' Day
Here Are Some Korean Artists Who Can See Ghosts
Sojin is one of the Korean artists who can see ghosts. The story from Sojin is quite short. She took another shower, then suddenly there was a greeting him right in his ear. "Hi ~"

5. IU
When this horrible event occurs, IU is sleeping in her dorm. However, IU awakened from her sleep. And what made her awake was the ghastly figure she saw in the corner of her dorm. It was a woman with an awful hair.
Here Are Some Korean Artists Who Can See Ghosts
Instantly IU wanted to run but could not. Her body felt a very heavy object. Since then, IU has requested to move immediately from the dorm.

Well thats all the Korean artist who can see ghosts. All of that are real story. All of the above artists tell their horror stories on some television programs in Korea. (
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