BTS DNA Song Win Again With Perfect Score on 'M! Countdown'
Bangtan Boys once again won the trophy for their new song entitled 'DNA'. Having previously won the trophy in the program 'The Show' and 'Show Champion', on Thursday (28/09) boy group member Rap Monster cs is back ahead in the program 'M! Countdown'.

On this episode of 'M! Countdown' Bangtan Boys have to compete with the 10cm duo who are nominated for the winner with the song 'Phonecert'.

But Bangtan Boys '' DNA '' did get a perfect score of 11,000, while the 10cm song only scored 2054 points.

Again the song 'DNA' managed to get a perfect score, having previously also achieved a perfect score in the program 'The Show'. Bangtan Boys is now paired with EXO as the artist who once scored perfectly on the 'M! Countdown' program in the new calculation system. (

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