Here's Why Yoona SNSD Cuts Hair Short
Yoona was recently spotted with a new, unusual haircut. He cut his hair short. In a recent interview he explained the reason for cutting hair.

"People asked me if I had a psychological change, but actually my hair was damaged and I could not comb it. I also really want to cut my hair, so I took this opportunity to cut everything and grow a healthier hair."
"It's the first time I've cut my hair short since I last performed with short hair on 'Genie'. Everyone says my hair is beautiful, "he explained.

But Yoona admitted that she was not the only one who changed her hairstyle. 
"In addition I also have other SNSD members who cut hair into short. Sooyoung and Seohyun cut their hair for their respective projects, Sunny and I also cut our hair. Yuri cut her hair slightly. When I was cutting my hair, Taeyeon sat next to her and also cut her hair. After I cut my hair, every time I see long hair, I also want to cut their hair, "he joked.
How do you think with Yoona's new haircut?
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