Jimin Apparently Almost Fired From BTS Before Debut
Jimin revealed a story that surprised many Bangtan Boys boy group fans. In order to celebrate their comeback with the album 'Love Yourself: Her', Bangtan Boys members appeared on the 'BTS Comeback Show DNA' program that aired on Mnet on September 21st yesterday.

While chatting with other Bangtan Boys members, Jimin claimed almost failed to become a member of Bangtan Boys. "There are so many people who are against me," he explained, who was then bullied by another member, "He was almost released two days before our debut."

But Jimin did not seem to care much and jokingly said, "But Bangtan Boys can be complete because of me."

Jimin added, "After I left everything and moved from Busan to Seoul, I had a lot of difficulties and was scared because I did not know how I was going to end," he said.

How would it be if Jimin did not successfully debut as a Bangtan Boys member ?
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