Missing Wallet, Kang Min Kyung Davichi Asks For Help On Fans
The case of losing a wallet is sure to be a frightening specter, especially for a celebrity who stores essential items like identity cards, driving licenses to credit cards that can be misused by the finds.

One of the celebrities who are experiencing the same case is Davichi group duo personnel, Kang Min Kyung.

On Thursday (04/05), the ballad singer appealed to fans to his Instagram account by writing, "Here's the wallet I lost on April 30th at Hannam-dong. In the bag was my ID, my credit card and my driver's license. If you know someone around, I ask you to ask them. "

Looking at the idol's post, the fans commented in the suggestion by writing, "Firstly block your credit card first," "If your registration card is leaked, you can ask for a new registration number," and more.

Hopefully Kang Min Kyung can soon rediscover his wallet and its contents, and hopefully the same incident will not happen again.
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