Ki Hee Hyun DIA reveals a fascinating story from her group mate, Jung Chae Yeon. When invited as one of the guest stars in KBS 2TV's 'Hello Counselor' program, the two girl group members of DIA shared a fascinating story to the viewers.

One interesting story came from Ki Hee Hyun who revealed, 
"I use the same room with Jung Chae Yeon. When I returned after completing my schedule, there was always a soju bottle scattered around Jung Chae Yeon who was asleep. "
Hearing Ki Hee Hyun's statement, this drama 'Drinking Solo' actor admitted it by saying, "The members do not like drinking, so I have to drink myself."

Meanwhile DIA some time ago just returned with the 2nd album titled 'YOLO' on 19 April
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