Withdrawing from the scheduled one, the cast and crew of the movie 'Cheese In The Trap' recently caught shooting.

On April 30th, netizens in the online forum Instiz dihebohkan with the circulation of photographs of the filming is being done by the actors and actresses and crew from the movie 'Cheese In The Trap'.

In the photo, we can see some players like Park Hae Jin, Oh Yeon Seo and Sandara Park filming in a park.

The success of 'Cheese In The Trap' through the screening drama series on tvN in 2016 and indeed make a movie version that will also starring Park Hae Jin this became one of the highly anticipated movie by fans.

Although not yet provide information on delivery schedule, but the film 'Cheese In The Trap' is rumored to be premiered in 2017.
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