Hyorin recently discussed about SISTAR's comeback plan through MBC's 'Section TV Entertainment Relay' program. In this interview, Hyorin teases fans about the group's comeback by saying, "The summer is almost here, and you can count down SISTAR's return."

As we know, SISTAR is known as a girl group that often selects summer as their comeback schedule. In addition to his comeback, Hyorin also slightly touched on his haters by saying, 
"When you go online, you will find my latest stunning photos, but you will also find unpleasant photos from the past as well.There are people out there who attack me from every Little things they can. "
Seeing the perceived action, the singer warned, 
"You guys believe that I will not let them alone if I meet them in real life."
What does SISTAR's comeback concept look like in summer this year?. Are you curious ? (www.onkpop.com)

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