SM Entertainment Will Form a Kpop Boygroup in England with The X Factor Producer Nigel Hall

SM Entertainment is reportedly going to debut a Kpop boy group in the UK. Later, the group will be led by the producer of The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent, Nigel Hall. This news was actually announced last year. This boy group in England will later be under the British entertainment company Moon&Back (M&B) led by Nigel Hall.
SM Entertainment and M&B plan to make a TV series containing six episodes. The series will feature the creation of a Kpop group consisting of British members.
A total of 84 local music composers were recruited by the agency. The recruitment was done through its music publishing affiliate, Kreation Music Rights. This step was taken as SM Entertainment's effort to expand its music market overseas.
"This year, we will establish a US branch of Kreation Music Rights to recruit American composers," said SM Entertainment.
The plan is that SM Entertainment will hold at least two large-scale song camps to maximize production capabilities. This announcement adds to the list of new artists under SM Entertainment.
Previously, SM Entertainment had prepared NCT Wish's debut this month. This new group will officially debut by appearing at the label's concert, SMTown Live at Tokyo Dome, Japan, on February 21 2024. NCT Wish is the new sub-unit of the Kpop group NCT.
Apart from NCT Wish, SM Entertainment also plans to debut a new girl group, Naevis. This group is SM Entertainment's first virtual artist related to the Kpop group aespa.
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