After BABYMONSTER's Debut, This Netizen Compares YG's Concept with SM Entertainment
BABYMONSTER's debut gave many various opinions, especially on the concept which make comparisons between YG and SM Entertainment. BABYMONSTER's debut concept became the subject of comparison between YG and SM Entertainment which invited various comments from netizens,

YG and SM Entertainment's concepts compared after seeing BABYMONSTER's debut concept, netizens chose a creative agency.

An OP describes the concept of YG Entertainment every time a new girl group debuts. This was also compared to SM Entertainment's concept and involving all their groups such as aespa and Red Velvet.

YG Entertainment's girl group concept is called monotonous from 3 generations, not only that, their costumes also look similar to those of 2NE1 and BLACKPINK and then applied to BABYMONSTER.

OP said that YG Entertainment is the only agency that uses the same concept for 3 generations starting from music, fashion, to visuals.

"This is the first time there is an agency that recycles concepts from music, fashion, and visuals to 3 generations, It's still better for BLACKPINK even though their debut is similar to 2NE1 but the songs are fresh and good, right?

YG is not going to see heaven these girls deserve better! I'm really annoyed." write the netizens.

From this quote, SM Entertainment is said to be more creative in providing concepts to its groups. They at least give their groups fresh concepts and songs every time they make a comeback so that each group has its own identity and characteristics.

Meanwhile, the YG Entertainment group is said to have no distinctive characteristics, its concept only carries the vibes of the agency's music and fashion.

“Regarding concepts, SM is much more creative than YG. Red Velvet, aespa, Shinee, NCT, EXO have their own characteristics. Meanwhile, YG is still like this."

The comparison between YG and SM Entertainment's concepts invites various reactions and comments from netizens, here are the comments.

"Only Winner and AKMU really have their own identity in YG."

"Honestly, the more you come here, the more creative you get, the more you regress. Even though their talents and skills are already good, it's really a shame."

"It's a pity for the younger siblings who just debuted and didn't get fresh concepts and songs, they only got a typical YG identity."

"It looks like an identity crisis, isn't it?"

"RVs themselves can always change concepts and never repeat concepts."

"YG still doesn't dare to get out of their comfort zone, they stick to their music style until they forget that every group needs a signature."

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