Positive Use of Marijuana, Various Brands Remove Ads for Actor Yoo Ah In!
Actor Yoo Ah In recently tested positive for the banned drug marijuana. Previously, Yoo Ah In was investigated by the police because he was suspected of using the banned drug propofol.

During the investigation, Yoo Ah In underwent various tests and the police found that Yoo Ah In had recently used marijuana.

Suddenly, this immediately shocked many fans and the public, to the point where various brands had to remove it from their various advertisements. South Korean fashion brand, MUSINSA, which previously used Yoo Ah In as their model, has now removed all of his appearances from advertisements.

Other companies that also removed Yoo Ah In's advertisements started from the outdoor clothing brand NEPA and the health brand I'm Vita.

Not only brands from South Korea, companies from China that use Yoo Ah In as their advertising model, CROQUIS, have also removed all of their advertisements.

As Yoo Ah In tested positive for marijuana, the police are currently checking his cellphone to find out all traces related to the use of illegal drugs. (www.onkpop.com)

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