Korean Netizens Comment on NCT 127's Latest Song Entitled 'Ay-Yo'
NCT 127 has just made their comeback by releasing a repackage album and music video titled 'Ay-Yo'. 'Ay-Yo' is the next music video released by NCT ​​127, after last making a comeback with '2 Baddies'.

Responding to the music video, South Korean netizens immediately gave their various comments. Most of the netizens commented on the pros and cons of the song and appearance of the NCT 127 members in the 'Ay-Yo' music video.

Reporting from theqoo, South Korean netizens gave their comments for the 'Ay-Yo' music video such as:

'I'm curious about the stage appearance. The song is good and the music video is also good'

'After hearing this song twice, I really like it, this is the best NCT song so far'

'I like NCT songs, but if this one is just good music'

'Wow, Jaehyun's face is really extraordinary'

'They don't spend a lot of money on the music video, the quality is terrible, what's wrong with their hairstyles?'

'The song is a bit boring. I'm not a fan of them, but I feel Mark performed really well in this song and all the members look handsome. But what's with the hairstyle?'

'They're like the male version of GOT the beat'

'NCT 127 doesn't match the song from producer Kenzie, I hope they use another producer'

'I've been really looking forward to it since seeing the trailer, but instead I feel disappointed'

'Looks like SM didn't spend much of their money, this is worse than GOT the beat'

'In my opinion, the members' vocals and rap are useless'
and there are many other pro and con comments.

What do you think about NCT 127's newest song 'Ay-Yo'? (www.onkpop.com)

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