Drama Star 'One The Woman', Honey Lee Confirmed In a Relationship
The female lead in the drama 'One The Woman', Honey Lee is reportedly in a romantic relationship. Reported by Sport Seoul today (11/08), Honey Lee's agency, Saram Entertainment, said that the artist is currently dating a man who is not a celebrity.

Saram Entertainment also released their official statement regarding Honey Lee's relationship.

"Hello. This is Saram Entertainment.

Thus the official statement regarding the news of actress Honey Lee which was reported today.

Honey Lee is in a serious relationship with someone she was introduced to by an acquaintance earlier this year. However, since he is a non-celebrity, we ask for your generous understanding so that no harm is caused by the release of her personal information or excessive attention. Please show warmth so that they can continue their beautiful relationship in the future.

Thank you."
Meanwhile, the drama 'One The Woman' has ended in episode 16 and achieved ratings of 17.8% (nationwide) and 18.5% (Seoul). (www.onkpop.com)

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