Sowon Officially Joins IOK Company and Changes Her Stage Name

Sowon, a former member of GFRIEND, has finally found a new 'home' for a career in South Korean entertainment.

Right on this day, August 2nd, 2021, IOK Company announced, "‎Sowon, who has received great love as the leader of GFRIEND, will be changing her stage name to Kim So Jung, and she is planning to take a new step with IOK Company.‎"

In the future, IOK Company will fully support Sowon to show her abilities and grow as an actress. The agency also hopes that fans will continue to give lots of love to the idol who has used her real name for her stage name.

By joining IOK Company, Kim So Jung became a new family for Jo In Sung, Kim Ha Neul and various other actors/actresses at the agency. Congratulations to Sowon aka Kim So Jung for joining IOK Company! (

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