Red Velvet's Joy Reveals Lee Soo Man Regrets Not Giving This Title For 'Russian Roulette'
Recently, Red Velvet did a live broadcast via VLive to greet fans ahead of their upcoming comeback. Through the broadcast, the five members of Red Velvet talked about many things, one of which was about the founder of SM Entertainment, Lee Soo Man.

Revealed by Joy, it turns out that one of their hit songs, titled 'Russian Roulette' will be given a different name by Lee Soo Man. 'Heart B-B-Beat' is the title that Lee Soo Man wants to give, adjusting to the lyric fragment of the Red Velvet song.

Released with the title 'Russian Roulette', Joy said that their boss regretted not giving the title 'Heart B-B-Beat' because he thought it would be loved by many people with that title. Do you agree with Lee Soo Man or think 'Russian Roulette' is the most suitable title? (

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