Celebrating 5th Anniversary, NCT DREAM Holds 'Online Fanmeeting HOT! SUMMER DREAM'
NCT Dream successfully hold their online fanmeeting 'HOT! SUMMER DREAM' last night (08/25). This event was filled with several activities, including an interview session, a game session and performed 6 songs ranging from 'Boom' to 'Hello Future'.

Through this event, NCT Dream expressed their gratitude to the fans, for giving NCT DREAM a lot of support and love during their five-year career. At the end of the event,NCT Dream gave their message to NCTzen, one of which was Mark who said that he felt lucky and happy because he could join this event with NCT Dream because before he felt he had never attended a concert with the members, and he also hoped that things would be fine in the future. 

Fans also enlivened this event by popularizing the hashtag #WeAre5tillDREAMing #NCTDREAM on Twitter. Happy 5th Anniversary NCT Dream! (www.onkpop.com)

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