The Production Team Says Kim Young Dae Leave 'School 2021' is a One-sided Decision
The production team for the drama 'School 2021' finally spoke up about the departure of actor Kim Young Dae from the drama. On Thursday (07/15), Kim Young Dae's agency announced that the actor had decided to leave the drama 'School 2021', because the role did not match the one that was first offered to him.

Now the drama production team 'School 2021' gives an official statement from their point of view:

“Actor Kim Young Dae, who was cast in the drama ‘School 2021’, signed a contract to star in the drama and also attended a meeting between the main cast and a script reading practice session. While preparing for the first filming session in July, his agency suddenly stated that the actor would be leaving the drama without negotiating with the production team.

The production team and KBS have yet to agree on actor Kim Young Dae's departure from the drama, and we are working to find a way out in a peaceful manner.

It's unfortunate that an article about Kim Young Dae starring in a different drama was released along with an article about him leaving 'School 2021', without formally discussing it with the production team.

We will provide an update regarding the final decision later"
said the production team.
After reportedly leaving the drama 'School 2021', on the same day actor Kim Young Dae is also rumored to be starring in another drama entitled 'Shooting Star' on tvN, with actress Lee Sung Kyung. (

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