The Father of This SM Entertainment Idol is Sure His Son Can't Pass The Audition?
SM Entertainment has indeed become one of the agencies targeted by many young people to be able to enter as trainees and debut there. Likewise with this SM Entertainment idol, who was finally able to debut as a member of NCT and became one of the most popular.

It is known that when he wanted to take part in the SM Entertainment audition, the father of this idol allowed his son to participate. Not because of support, instead the father was sure that his son would not be able to qualify as a trainee.

But who would have thought, his son named Jung Jaehyun is now a career as a member of a boy group and was praised for having a handsome face combined with his dancing and singing abilities.

Netizens also made various comments in response to this,

“The members said that Jaehyun looks exactly like his father, so I was curiousᄏᄏ”

"I'm not a fan of NCT, but he's so handsome, I think his father underestimated him because that's the face he sees every dayᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏ"

"I want to see his father's face, I'm very curious~", and various other comments.

Meanwhile, Jaehyun is also rumored to be debuting as an actor soon through the drama 'Dear. M' which is scheduled to air in August 2021. .(

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