T-ara Members Reveal How They Secretly Date
T-ara members recently revealed how they dated secretly when they were still active idols. On Saturday (07/10) yesterday, the 'Knowing Brother' program aired the latest episode on JTBC, starring T-ara members.

While attending the program, T-ara members shared how their cell phones were taken by their manager when they debuted. Min Kyung Hoon then asked, “But you must have dated while promoting as a group. How can you do that without a cell phone?”

The T-ara members then explained that they help each other when someone wants to secretly leave the dormitory for a date.

Eunjung said, "When one of us said, 'I have to go out today', we would take turns keeping watch. After the members leave, we'll pretend to put her to sleep by stacking our bags and other items to form a human body, then covering her with a blanket. There used to be wigs that idols used to wear, and we made them look as if they were her hair. Then we turned off the lights, so it was as if she was asleep.”

Eunjung continued, “When the manager comes in, our acting is very important. We'd say, 'Oh, we're going to bed now and we're all in our pajamas, what's up?' and she'd usually say, 'Oh, you guys are going to bed?' and then come out.”

Hyomin added, “We didn't have a place to meet up, so we went on a date on the roof of our dorm building. We would normally chat for 30 minutes and then return to our dorms.”

They also shared that if a member had a date on the same day, they had to do rock-paper-scissor suits to determine which member was dating. (www.onkpop.com)

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