Make an Official TikTok Account, a Sign That SNSD Will Come Back Soon?
SNSD surprised fans after launching an official TikTok account. On Tuesday (07/06), SNSD launched their official TikTok account using the username @girlsgeneration.official.

This TikTok account was launched to coincide with Taeyeon's solo comeback with her latest song, 'Weekend'. Because Taeyeon is currently undergoing promotions, SNSD's official TikTok account uses a profile photo with Taeyeon's name.

With the launch of their official TikTok account, of course, many fans expect that SNSD will make a comeback soon. Especially because recently Yuri also gave instructions about SNSD's comeback when completing her drama entitled 'Bossam: Steal The Fate'.

When this article was written, SNSD's TikTok account had already gained more than 12 thousand followers. (

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