TREASURE's Doyoung Confirmed Positive for COVID-19
TREASURE's Doyoung has just been confirmed with the COVID-19 virus. This was confirmed directly by YG Entertainment through an official statement they released on Tuesday (07/13).

YG Entertainment announced:

"Hello, this is YG Entertainment. TREASURE's Doyoung was confirmed to have COVID-19 on July 13th, 2021. Other members and staff have tested negative. Although there are no more confirmed cases, members and staff will self-quarantine.

Prior to filming the commercial on July 12th, Doyoung did a self-test and it was the first time he had a positive test result. After that, all the members and staff stopped all planned schedules and went to do a PCR test and Doyoung was finally diagnosed with the virus.

The agency quickly and accurately conveyed the news to all relevant people and made sure to follow preventive measures. Going forward too, we will fully support our staff and artists to prioritize their health. If there is a change in the situation, we will immediately announce it to everyone,"
explained the agency.

Get well soon Doyoung! (

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