Eunha Asks Fans to Sing Her Newest OST on The SOMESING App
Through her personal Instagram, @rlo.ldl, Eunha invites her fans to sing the latest OST from the webtoon 'The Stairway of Time'.

In this short video uploaded by one of the GFRIEND members, Eunha looks fresh and invites fans to sing together on the SOMESING application. Through the application, fans can join in singing the latest OST song in the webtoon 'The Stairway of Time' sung by Eunha.

Eunha is now known to be still a free agent, after leaving Source Music along with Yerin, SinB, Yuju, Sowon and Umji. Before singing with Eunha on SOMESING, you can first listen to the webtoon OST song 'The Stairway of Time' through the following video. (

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