aespa Reach Top 5 in 24Hits MelOn With 'Next Level'
aespa is slowly proving themselves as the hottest rookie girl group with new achievements with the song 'Next Level'. Not long ago aespa has managed to touch the top 5 on the 24Hits MelOn chart with their latest song 'Next Level' which is quite unique.

This achievement, which is considered difficult for rookie girl groups, was achieved by AESPA in just 7 months after their debut, proving themselves to be one of the most popular rookie girl groups today.

Many other netizens agree that MelOn's 24Hits chart is indeed very difficult for newcomer groups to achieve, so this is considered an extraordinary achievement.

"Of course that's great. It's hard to get into the top 5 as a newcomer. Congratulations!”,

“ It is science that those who get a lot of hate finally climb on the music charts. Goosebumps” commented the top netizen which received positive reactions.

Congratulations to aespa! (

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