Brave Girls' Agency Takes Legal Action Against Netizens Who Make Malicious Comments
Brave Entertainment's agency is taking legal action against netizens who make malicious comments to Brave Girls members. This was conveyed directly by the Brave Entertainment agency on Monday (06/28) through an official statement.

The agency conveys:

"Hello. This is Brave Entertainment.

We have recently encountered many slanderous posts and malicious comments, unfounded circulation of false information, personal attacks, etc. against our agency's artists.

Regarding this matter, we have collected the first round of evidence based on the company's internal monitoring and input, and we plan to take legal action through the law firm to protect our agency's artists from malicious actions.

We will continue to take regular legal action for malicious actions against our artists such as slander and malicious comments, circulation of false information, personal attacks, through continuous monitoring and feedback, and there will be absolutely no leniency.

If you find violations such as malicious attacks against our agency artists, please send feedback to the official Brave Entertainment account for legal action (

Brave Entertainment will always try hard to protect the artists of our agency. Thank you" concluded the agency.

Hopefully there will be no more netizens who give malicious comments to Brave Girls members. (

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