Sakura Ex IZ*ONE Reportedly Will Graduated From HKT48

Former IZ*ONE member, Miyawaki Sakura is rumored to be graduating from the idol group HKT48. The rumors circulated after information from a Japanese magazine scheduled for release in May leaked on the internet.

The magazine is a July issue that will go on sale at the end of May, with Miyawaki Sakura as the cover model.

According to fans in Japan, the cover of the magazine has a short caption, "Miyawaki Sakura, who returned to HKT48 after finishing promotions with IZ*ONE, and recently announced her graduation"

For now there is still no official information regarding Miyawaki Sakura's graduation from the HKT48 idol group. Previously there were rumors that Miyawaki Sakura was considering joining the HYBE LABELS agency.

Girl group IZ*ONE itself was officially disbanded at the end of April after their contract ended. (

Sakura Ex IZ*ONE Reportedly Will Graduated From HKT48

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