ITZY Takes Home The 2nd Trophy With 'Mafia In The Morning', Congratulations!
ITZY managed to bring home the second trophy for their new song, 'Mafia In The Morning'. This trophy was successfully obtained by ITZY in the latest episode of 'Show Champion' on Wednesday (05/12).

The song 'Mafia In The Morning' managed to outperform other popular songs, such as AB6IX's 'CLOSE', ENHYPEN's 'Drunk-Dazed"\', ONF's 'Ugly Dance' and HIGHLIGHT's 'Not The End'.

This is the second winning trophy ITZY has won since making a comeback with 'Mafia In The Morning'. In related news, this girl group from JYP Entertainment will soon be releasing the song 'Mafia In The Morning' in English.

Congratulations to ITZY! (

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