BTS Releases Preview Photobook of 'BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E'
BTS again gave a surprise and made their fans excited by releasing the appearance of their new product. Yesterday, on April 20th, at 12 pm South Korean time, through their official Twitter account and Weverse, BTS released a preview for the new photobook.

The previews are the preview photos as well as the video preview for their latest photobook entitled 'BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E CONCEPT PHOTOBOOK'.

In the preview photos, 7 BTS members appear charismatic and charming using a concept that matches their solo song, but different from the preview photo, in the preview video released through the official BANGTANTV YouTube channel, they appear as if they are performing on stage using an all-round concept, black and silver.

Meanwhile, although BTS has released the preview, there is currently no information regarding the release time of 'BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E CONCEPT PHOTOBOOK'.

However, ARMY is speculating that 'BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON: E CONCEPT PHOTOBOOK' will be released in various versions, it is known based on what was said in their Twitter post which said 'CLUE VER [PERSONA]'.

You can see the photo and video preview below. (

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