BTS' 'Dynamite' Breaks 'Despacito' Record on Billboard Charts
The song 'Dynamite' is known to be one of the many popular songs from BTS. 'Dynamite' is also the first Korean boy group song to reach the #1 position on the Billboard HOT 100 chart. Not only that, the song has also made another achievement for BTS.

On Monday (04/05) BTS was found to be breaking new records with their song 'Dynamite'. 'Dynamite' is currently the longest-running song to occupy the #1 spot on Billboard's Digital Song Sales chart, breaking the previous record held by the song 'Despacito' since 2017.

'Dynamite' took the #1 position on Digital Song Sales for 18 weeks, while 'Despacito' took the #1 position on Digital Song Sales for 17 weeks. Not only that, 'Dynamite' is also known to have reached more than 37.7 thousand sales figures and became the song with the most Korean music show wins in history with 32 winning trophies.

Apart from the new achievements BTS has achieved through the song 'Dynamite', BTS is currently reportedly preparing for their official comeback. BIGHIT MUSIC as the agency still has not confirmed the official schedule for BTS's comeback. (

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