Once Lost, K-Pop Songs Under Cocoa Distribution Will Return to Spotify!
Each of the representatives from the two parties, Spotify and Kakao Entertainment recently also issued a statement regarding the continuing cooperation between them.

Spotify spokesperson's statement:

“We are happy because of the content and artists of Kakao Entertainment Corp. is back on Spotify, giving more than 345 million listeners in 170 countries the opportunity to return to hearing the songs they love. Spotify has always been on a mission to connect artists with their fans around the world and give listeners access to all their music. "

"We are very happy that listeners in Korea can now enjoy their local music along with our more than 70 million songs and 4 billion playlists. We remain committed to making a positive impact on the Korean music streaming ecosystem through our partnerships with local singers, labels and rights-holders."

Kakao Entertainment spokesperson's statement:

“Kakao Entertainment Corp (formerly Kakao M) has reached an agreement with Spotify and will provide its music content on Spotify for services inside and outside Korea. Through various partnerships around the world including Spotify, Kakao Entertainment hopes that music lovers around the world can easily access their artists and music content to enjoy K-pop."

"Kakao Entertainment remains committed to the Korean music ecosystem and its growth, and will continue to protect the rights of singers, labels, and local rights holders going forward."

In this case, songs from the Kakao Entertainment distribution that previously disappeared on Spotify will again be able to be heard by platform users from all over the world.

What songs will you listen to if Kakao distribution songs have returned to Spotify? (www.onkpop.com)

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