Become a Brand Ambassador, BLACKPINK's Jennie Gives a 'Deadly' Smile for The 'Vita500'
BLACKPINK's Jennie was recently appointed as the new face for the vitamin drink brand, 'Vita500'. On March 6th, Vita500 launched their first promotional video after signing BLACKPINK's Jennie as their brand ambassador.

Jennie's cheerful, adorable charm fits perfectly with the vitamin drink brand and looks even more impressive through the released 15 second promotional video. Jennie herself has been appointed as a brand ambassador for brands ranging from Hera Cosmetic to Chanel.

Previously, 'Vita500' made the idol-actress Suzy as their brand ambassador for several years until finally being replaced by Jennie. You can check out Jennie's first promotional video for 'Vita500' below. (

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