APRIL's Naeun Confirmed to Leave, Drama 'Taxi Driver' Re-Filed With New Actress
APRIL's Naeun has been confirmed to be out of the cast for the drama 'Taxi Driver'. Adapted from the webtoon of the same name, 'Taxi Driver' is a drama that tells the story of Rainbow Taxi, a taxi that gives revenge to criminals who can escape the law.

This drama stars Lee Je Hoon, Esom and Kim Eui Sung. Previously, Naeun played a character named Go Eun, a hacker on Rainbow Taxi.

Now on Monday (03/08), the drama production team 'Taxi Driver' announced, "Hello. This is StudioS, the production house for SBS' Fri-Sat drama 'Taxi Driver'. The production team of 'Taxi Driver' has decided after discussing with her agency that actress Lee Naeun, who has an important role in the drama, will be replaced."

"We ask for the viewers' understanding of the statement released late as it took time to thoroughly assess public sentiment regarding this situation and select a stunt actress. Filming for the drama 'Taxi Driver' was finished about 60 percent. All the scenes played by this actress will be re-recorded with a new actress who will replace her role. "

“StudioS and the production team of 'Taxi Driver' will do their best until the end to present an amazing drama. Thank you" concluded the production team.

Naeun's departure from the drama 'Taxi Driver' was due to a bullying controversy involving APRIL member and former member, Hyunjoo. (www.onkpop.com)

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