Big Hit and Universal Music Will Debut a Global Boy Group Through Auditions in America

Big Hit Entertainment and Universal Music Group have joined forces to create a global boy group. On Thursday (18/02), the two companies announced their strategic partnership, which had previously been started through the VenewLive platform, a streaming platform used for online concerts.

Lenzo Yoon as the global CEO of Big Hit Entertainment stated, “Together with Universal Music Group, Big Hit Entertainment will debut a new boy group that will be active on the international stage. We will select the members through global auditions and we plan to broadcast the audition program through the US media in 2022."

According to him, Big Hit Entertainment will be in charge of training the boy group members, while Universal Music Group will create an audition program with media partners in the United States.

“A joint venture in Los Angeles will serve as the label that oversees this new group. Big Hit will cooperate with Universal Music Group through Big Hit America, our US branch" he said.

Previously, Big Hit Entertainment collaborated with the company CJ ENM to debut a new boy group called ENHYPEN. (

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