CLC's Elkie Submits Contract Termination with Cube Entertainment, This is the Reason
CLC 's Elkie has reportedly sent a request to Cube Entertainment for the termination of her exclusive contract with the agency. In a letter sent by her legal adviser to Cube Entertainment, Elkie detailed the reasons why she requested a termination of her contract.

Elkie's legal advisor, Jing Shi Law Firm wrote, “To Cube Entertainment. We are Ms. Chong Ting-yan (Elkie)'s legal counsel and we are sending this letter regarding the termination of the exclusive contract between Miss Chong and your company for the following reasons."

“According to the statements and materials that Miss Chong gave us, Miss Chong signed an exclusive contract with Cube in February 2016. In the contract, it was stated that Cube would be the exclusive managing agent for Miss Chong's entertainment activities. After signing the contract, Miss Chong joined girl group CLC, and fulfilled the responsibilities outlined in the contract, followed the company guidelines and regulations, and dedicated her time to acting training as well. However, Miss Chong claims Cube Entertainment violates many of the terms and conditions of the contract."

“First, during the contract period, Miss Chong's income from her entertainment activities was taken by Cube Entertainment. However, Cube Entertainment has never released any revenue reports or specific details to Miss Chong."

“Second, after signing the contract, Miss Chong fulfilled the responsibilities outlined in the contract, and participated in the schedule required and arranged by Cube Entertainment. However, Cube Entertainment did not pay Miss Chong for her acting activities as described in Article 6.4 of the exclusive contract."

“Third, because of Cube Entertainment's management and changes in internal structure, you are informing the CLC members that there will be no more development support in 2020. Since then, Cube Entertainment has not come up with any sensible plans for Miss Chong's future, and instead your actions show that you guys will no longer fulfill the contract terms. Based on the above, Cube Entertainment's actions violate the contract, and hinder Miss Chong's development and growth in the entertainment industry."

In addition, Elkie's legal counsel has assumed that the exclusive contract ended when Cube Entertainment received the notification, and gave them 15 days to submit the appropriate income statement before further legal action was taken.

“We have received Miss Chong's payment and issued this notice on her behalf. First, from the day you receive this letter, it is known that the exclusive contract between Miss Chong and Cube Entertainment has ended."

“Second, within 15 days of receiving this notification, Cube Entertainment must provide Miss Chong with an appropriate income statement for her activities during the contract period and provide contact details to proceed with case resolution. Third, if Cube Entertainment refuses to comply with the notification demands, we will use all legal means necessary to protect our clients."

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