Reactions of Korean Netizens After Watching BTS' 'Life Goes On' MV
How do Korean netizens react after watching BTS' latest music video? On Friday (11/20) at 14.00 KST, BTS returned with the release of the music video for 'Life Goes On' and an album titled 'BE'.

'Life Goes On' is a song composed by BTS members to cheer up ARMYs in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic currently sweeping the world.

With the accompaniment of medium tempo alternative hip hop music, we will be spoiled by the peaceful vocals and rap of BTS members. The music video for 'Life Goes On' is also special, because it was directed by Jungkook.

After watching the music video of 'Life Goes On', Korean netizens on theqoo site gave various praise comments such as:

“I really like the song, I really like BTS songs these days. This song is very suitable to be heard in this weather"

"The song is sad but I keep listening to it because the song is good, hahaha"

“Suga and J-Hope's parts are really good. The song really suits my taste"

"The lyrics of the song are really, really nice"

"I like the song, really comfort me, something feels sad"

"The song is very fitting for the current situation" and many other praise comments.

When this article was published or about 6 hours since its release, the music video for "Life Goes On" has already reached over 27 million views on YouTube. (

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