NCT 2020 Again Release Members' Individual Teaser Photo for 'RESONANCE Pt. 2'
NCT 2020 again revealed teaser photos for its members before the official comeback. NCT 2020 had been scheduled to return comeback the album 'RESONANCE Pt. 2' on November 23rd, 2020 at 6 p.m. KST next week.

Before that, now in the early hours of Thursday (11/19) we get individual teaser photos from the next NCT 2020 members.

NCT 2020 members who appear in the individual teaser photo 'RESONANCE Pt. 2' this time is Jaehyun, Xiaojun, Yuta, Renjun, and Haechan. Each of the 2020 NCT members showed their sweet poses in casual costumes.

While looking forward to the NCT 2020 comeback, let's first take a look at the teaser photos below! (

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