BTS Finally Comeback With 'Life Goes On' MV
BTS has finally released their comeback music video that fans have been waiting for. As the schedule, the music video for 'Life Goes On' and the album 'BE' will be officially released on Friday (11/20) at 14.00 KST. 

The music video for 'Life Goes On' and the album 'BE' is so special, because all BTS members are directly involved in the production process. Not only the production process for the songs on the album 'BE', the music video for "Life Goes On" was also directed by Jungkook. 

'BE' is an honest reflection of the complex emotions caused by this year's COVID-19 pandemic, which has brought feelings of fear, helplessness and discomfort into the lives of many. 

Meanwhile, “Life Goes On” is a title song that carries the genre of “alternative hip hop” with acoustic guitar accompaniment, providing a lively message that is suitable for the current pandemic situation. Let's watch “Life Goes On” music video below! (

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