BTOB 4U Takes Home The 1st Trophy With Debut Song 'Show Your Love'
BTOB 4U won their first trophy with their debut song, 'Show Your Love'. This 1st trophy was obtained by BTOB 4U in the latest episode of 'The Show' on Tuesday (11/24).

On today's episode of 'The Show', BTOB 4U's debut song 'Show Your Love' took first place after achieving a total score of 7040 points. BTOB 4U managed to outperform the rookie girl group aespa who was in 2nd place with 6197 points and WOODZ in 3rd place with 5842 points.

This is the first trophy won by Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Peniel and Changsub since debuting as members of the BTOB 4U sub-unit. Congratulations to BTOB 4U! (

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