ATEEZ's Mingi Decided To Go On Hiatus Due To Anxiety Disorders
ATEEZ have to carry out various activities and group promotions without Mingi who recently took a hiatus. On Sunday (11/15), KQ Entertainment as the agency that oversees ATEEZ confirmed that Mingi will take a temporary hiatus from group activities.

The agency revealed that the members opened up after starting to feel symptoms of anxiety disorders. After visiting the hospital for check up and diagnosis, he was told that he needed adequate rest.

Due to this shocking situation, the agency along with the other members decided to let Mingi take a break and temporarily carry out promotions and activities with 7 members.

The agency added that they announced when Mingi would return to the 7-member schedule after receiving good news from the medical.

ATEEZ had their last comeback with the album 'Zero: Fever Part.1' along with the double main tracks 'THANXX' and 'INCEPTION.' (

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