This is The Korean Government's Decision on BTS Members' Military Obligation
In recent times, both fans and the general public have discussed about BTS should be granted military exemption, remembering their immense contribution to the country.

However, the Military Manpower Administration (MMA) announced on October 9th, 2020 that they do not support BTS' compulsory military exemption on the grounds of the principles of justice and equality.

According to the previous figure and general law, special cases are given exceptions, an example is Son Heung Min (Sonny) who won gold for South Korea in 2018.

Despite the debate by ruling party lawmakers, MMA has taken the stance that K-Pop idols will not be granted any exceptions.

According to MMA, K-Pop singers do not qualify because they are not in line with the government's basic stance regarding military service.

Currently, there is reportedly a revised bill awaiting a related decision allowing K-Pop idols to postpone their duties until a maximum age of 30 years. (

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